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In 2009 we recognized that our community was lacking in honest, hard working, available contractors. However, we also realized we live in a wonderful town that is full of skilled professionals. With over 20 years of business experience we decided to create Gofers, LLC. A General Contracting business that is committed to bringing exceptional service to its clients. Not only did we generate a database of outstanding pros we organized a platform to bring them together to provide those services with quality bids, projects outlines, easy to manage invoicing, and most importantly, integrity.


Fast forward 10 years and my how Lago Vista has grown. We are proud to say that through the housing boom in the Austin area Lago Vista has now become home to an incredible pool of quality professionals who operate with the same vision as Gofers, LLC. Although the competition has moved in, we know that there is room for everyone and as true Lagovistians we welcome all and hope to create more valuable relationships to help our clients have the best experience here as possible. Give us a Call and We'll Go-fer it! 

Melanie Monnich Wiesman


A resident of Lago Vista since 1992 I value the landscape and the people who live here. I have been working in family owned businesses since I was very young. Having laid my first tile at eight years old, I am not only skilled in management, I also have a plethora of knowledge when it comes to building, remodeling, and repairs.


I received my  Bachelor's in General Studies from Texas State University with minors in Mass Communication, Psychology, and Sociology, I also hold Associates in Core Curriculum and Sociology from Austin Community College. I am currently taking Real Estate License courses in order to  enhance my qualifications in my field. I want to provide clients with creditable and exceptional service. Gofers, LLC has become a trusted part of many families in Lago Vista, Texas and I cherish that honor.


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Tel: 512.576.6584

PO BOX 4104

Lago Vista TX 78645

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